Meet the team

York Open Studios is a non-profit organisation run solely by a team of dedicated artists and volunteers, and here they are!

  • Kate Buckley

    Having grown up in North Wales, Kate has lived with her family in York for almost 30 years. After a long career in teaching she left the profession to study art and design in York and became an artist in 2019. She is a member of the Craft Potters Association, the British Origami Society and an elected member of Leeds Fine Artists.

  • Christine Storrs

    Chris has been an enthusiastic visitor to York Open Studios since she moved to York in 2003. She joined the committee from 2012 to 2018 before taking a break and rejoining in 2022. Now as Chair she is keen to see the event continuing to be successful for both visitors and artists in and across York.

  • Elaine Harris

    Having enjoyed York Open Studios as a visitor for many years, Elaine joined the committee in 2022. She works for a large not-for-profit organisation, and loves living in York with all it has to offer.

  • Dave Coleman

    Dave spent 30 years in the RAF before becoming a training manager in the Voluntary Sector and then a School Business Manager at Yearsley Grove Primary School in York. He has been married for 50 years to Carol, a textile artist, which is how he became involved with York Open Studios. Dave retired in 2020 and, following Carol's stroke in 2021, became her main carer. He is the Treasurer of York Open Studios.

  • Meron Napier

    Meron is a passionate supporter of art and culture and immerses herself at every opportunity. She lived for over 15 years in the Caribbean but dreamed of moving back to York. After relocating she joined the Directorate office of York Museums Trust and can often be found running between the museums and art gallery.

  • Vicki Robertson

    Vicki Robertson is the newest member of the YOS committee. A long time supporter of York Open Studios, she enjoys visiting the artists' homes and seeing them in their natural habitat. Vicki is York born and bred and was enlisted to the committee by a current YOS artist and committee member who caught her in weak moment over a coffee! She is looking forward to seeing York Open Studios from a new angle this year.

  • Charmian Ottaway

    Charmian has worked as jeweller for the past 25 years, designing and making fine jewellery. Starting behind a counter at Cartier in London she decided to learn how to make the beautiful creations she handled, undertaking studies in York, Birmingham and London.  She is passionate about exposing and creating a greater understanding of the arts in the local community as well as further afield.

  • Emma Bradley

    Since moving to York in 2021, Emma has wholeheartedly embraced and fallen in love with the city. With a degree in Film, she channels her creativity as a content designer by day, while her spare moments are often spent immersed in the world of ceramics.