Boxxhead 16

As BOXXHEAD Kevin combines screen print, spray paint and oil stick to create his mixed media art. Taking influence from Neo-expressionism and street art he explores mature narratives through a child-like naivety. 



Exhibiting in 2023

Medium: Mixed Media

Meet the artist & maker

Half painter, half printer and two thirds street artist, BOXXHEAD is a mixed media abstract artist whose work can be found in galleries and private collections across the UK. 

Known for his bold and expressive use of colour, he communicates his views on social and political issues through a new form of Primitivism. Allowing his unfiltered ideas and emotions to spill out across layers of automatic mark making and spontaneous hand drawn images.

Venue 16

Visitor information

Rogues Atelier Studios,

28a Fossgate,



Located on Franklins Yard, a cobbled street next to Ambiente Tapas restaurant, almost opposite the bookshop and Hairy Fig deli and café.

There are steps from the pavement into the venue

There are steps within the venue

Assistance dogs are welcome

07974 924266

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