Angus Vasili 42

Angus is known for his architectural infused Silkscreen prints. Driven by process, Vasili creates a delicate balance between the abstractions of printmaking and monumental forms of modern and contemporary architecture.

Open first weekend only.

Exhibiting in 2019

Medium: Printmaking

Meet the artist & maker

Angus Vasili is Yorkshire-based printmaker whose obsessive love of silkscreen informs all of his wonderful creations. Driven mostly by process, Vasili uses abstract concepts to define the rule of each project which is usually informed by modern and contemporary architecture. Through combining the mediums screen printing, photography, and texture, his work is highly experimental and constantly evolving.

Venue 42

Visitor information

14 Hall Park,


York, YO10 5DT

Fully accessible.

07531 500145

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