Anna Cook 50

3-D Paper Art. Anna specialises in multi-layered papercuts which capture the personality of woodland animals and birds in their natural, wild habitat.

Public Preview Evening 5th April

Exhibiting in 2019

Medium: Paper

Meet the artist & maker

Anna is a self taught paper cutter with a background in design and printmaking. She seeks inspiration from contemporary pattern design and combines this with a fascination for the detail in old botanical drawings. Anna works predominantly in paper and enjoys experimenting with folding, sculpting and cutting techniques. With every piece of work she challenges herself to achieve a more detailed and precise cutting technique in order to breathe life into the subject.

Venue 50

Visitor information

9 Ambrose Street,

York, YO10 4DT

The display area is on the ground floor, along a hallway. There is a step at the front door, so wheelchairs will need some help.

07732 707523

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