Becki Harper

Work inspired by stories within nature, organic forms and patterns, with an exploration into the appreciation and sustainability of the natural world.

Exhibiting in 2018

Medium: Illustration

Meet the artist & maker

Becki's work explores narrative, often inspired by nature, science and everyday musings. Observational drawing is highly important as it's often the source of an idea, character, or composition, and greatly informs the visual language within her work. Her stylistic influences draw heavily on colour and imagery from vintage graphics, and she favours traditional techniques such as watercolour painting to add colour to her drawings.

Venue 48

Visitor information

39 Walpole Street

York YO31 8NN

From the City Centre follow Haxby Road and turn right onto Walpole Street. Free on street parking for 10 minutes.

Accessibility: There is a small step into the house, and a narrow hallway. The exhibition is located downstairs, and the studio is upstairs.

07752 709351

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