Caroline Lord 29

Quirky mosaic sculptures made from found and up-cycled ceramics. Without breakers there are no makers!

Public Preview Evening 5th April

Exhibiting in 2019

Medium: Ceramics

Meet the artist & maker

Caroline Lord studied stained glass and tapestry weaving at the Edinburgh College of Art in the sixties. After graduating, she was awarded a scholarship for a further years study, specialising in tapestry weaving. A few years ago, after completing a Mosaics Workshop led by Emma Biggs, she changed artistic direction and started working with recycled ceramics making quirky mosaic sculptures and showing them in York Open Studios, the Great North Art Show (Ripon).

Venue 29

Visitor information

60 Heworth Green,

York, YO31 7TQ

Next but one to the Heworth Inn. Parking in Wood Street and Dodsworth Avenue.

Ground level and no steps.

07939 490100

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