Carolyn Coles 89

Choosing seascapes as a primary subject matter, Carolyn likes to capture atmosphere, usually impressionistic, with a leaning towards dark and moody, generally on a larger scale in acrylic on canvas.

Public Preview Evening 5th April

Exhibiting in 2019

Medium: Painting

Meet the artist & maker

Reflected in her painting, Carolyn's love of nature and the seaside stems from travels and fossil hunting pursuits. Since studying art and illustration, Carolyn has utilized a range of styles throughout the years. Revelling in dedicating most of her time to painting, her new collection adopts an impressionistic take, allowing the viewer to interpret their own story and pull their own memories back into play. Carolyn uses acrylic on deep edged stretched canvasses.

This is the first year that Carolyn Coles has exhibited at York Open Studios

Venue 89

Visitor information

40 St Paul's Terrace,

York, YO24 4BJ

Saturday: free parking Wilton Rise or passes on request. Sunday: free on-street parking.

One step up into property. All work on the ground floor.

07506 829877

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