Claire Cooper 15

Claire's current work explores women represented through the medium of analogue photography, screen print and intaglio print making techniques.
Portraits are special because by definition there are at least two people involved in their making: the artist and the sitter. Neither has complete control over the other, portraiture becomes a negotiation between parties, a dance of wills that results in a collaboration of sorts. Claire explores different formats of portrait photography, using sitters both known and un-known.

Exhibiting in 2020

Medium: Photography

Meet the artist & maker

Claire has a background in the community arts sector, predominantly with  DARTS in Doncaster.
After completing an BA in Photography in 2000 and an MA in Photography in 2013, Claire has been experimenting with various modes of analogue photography, intaligo and screen print making techniques.  She has shown work in several group shows across the country.


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