Duncan McEvoy 100

Photography of the working railway. Frequently abroad. Looking East. Always looking for anachronisms. Industrial settings. People and place, everyday sights. Because the present moves constantly to the past.

Public preview Friday 14th April 6-9pm

Exhibiting in 2023

Medium: Photography

Meet the artist & maker

Duncan began photography in the mid 80's as soon as paperboy finances allowed. Always fascinated by older scenes, he found that practices abandoned in the UK were still part of everyday life abroad. An obsession with the Steam Locomotive enveloped. Inevitably a hiatus, over twelve years bringing up a family whilst Steam died. But for Duncan, rebirth, rediscovery, film moves on to digital. Latterly active in Ukraine then Russia, and still looking East.

This is the first year that Duncan McEvoy has exhibited at York Open Studios


Venue 100

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22 Swinerton Avenue,


YO26 4YT

Walk along the river on the railway side from Scarborough bridge towards Salisbury Terrace . Drive in from Leeman Road,or from Clifton Bridge. 

There are steps within the venue

Assistance dogs are welcome

07771 745808

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