Elise Bikker 46

Elise explores three-dimensional stained glass. Her objects, allowing the light through, acquire their depth through the play of colours from the overlapping sheet glass. This year’s theme: magic and myth.

Public Preview Evening 5th April

Exhibiting in 2019

Medium: Glass

Meet the artist & maker

Elise is an art historian (Leiden University), a sculptural stained glass-artist and an English literature PhD student (University of York), fascinated with the boundaries between the natural and the artificial. Though her artistic medium is predominantly glass, she occasionally branches out into bronze and mixed media.


Venue 46

Visitor information

5 Alma Grove,

York, YO10 4DH

Just off Alma Terrace, on the square between The Fulford Arms and Hallo Mallow.

Through the alleyway and up two steps to access the studio.

07950 757012

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