Emilie Flower

Based on filmed sketches of York artists at work and shown in conjunction with the artists they convey, the piece focuses on the tactile world of the sounds and movements that shape their work, and the material texture of the film that captures it.

Exhibiting in 2018

Medium: Multi Media

Meet the artist & maker

Emilie Flower is a film artist working with film sketches, portraiture, archive and theatre.

This is the first year that Emilie Flower has exhibited at York Open Studios


Venue 40

Visitor information

7a Grape Lane,

Ground Floor Front,

York, Y01 7HU

This venue is in the city centre near to The Minster. Enter venue through green door on the RIGHT of Quack’s Printers. Nearest Car Park Bootham Row Car Park, York YO30 7BP

Accessibility: Disabled Access possible.

07867 626145

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