Emily Harvey 56

Colourful collagraph prints inspired by prehistory, the natural world, and places Emily has been. Work with plaster and paper includes artist books, 3D prints and sculptural mobiles.

Demonstrations at 12pm every day.



Exhibiting in 2019

Medium: Printmaking

Meet the artist & maker

After an art training at Dartington and Bristol, Emily slowly bicycled back up north, small-holding and sign-writing on the way.
Returning to her Yorkshire roots, she established SKIPPKO in Leeds, developing creative arts with communities across the city.
In York she initiated a new community arts service within the Council, while experimenting with printmaking, particularly collagraphs.
Emily can be found printmaking and teaching in her studio and beyond, and also writing The Creative Printmaker blog. 


Venue 56

Visitor information

51 Drome Road,


York,  YO23 3TG

The studio is accessible for wheelchairs, please drive right in if you have difficulty walking.

07792 494095

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