Heather Johnson 59

Heather makes modern silver jewellery using traditional techniques. She's inspired by natural organic textures, such as tree bark, weathered stone or lava, and uses geometric shapes, asymmetry and textural contrast.

Demonstrations available

Public Preview Evening 5th April

Exhibiting in 2019

Medium: Jewellery

Meet the artist & maker

A rural upbringing gave Heather a practical making and mending background: sewing, gardening and finding and renovating old things.

Having completed her degree in History of Design and Architecture, she developed an interest in working with metal, particularly the textures that can be produced. As well as making jewellery she has a love of textiles and has been sewing since the age of two. 


Venue 59

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50 Dringthorpe Road,

York, YO24 1LG

Two steps from outside into studio.


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