Helen Whitehead 32

Unique glass jewellery and sculpture inspired by wild plants and the cosmos. Glass is layered with precious metals, paint and images, then fired to produce colourful, abstract compositions.

Public Preview Evening 5th April

Exhibiting in 2019

Medium: Glass

Meet the artist & maker

Helen creates unique kiln-fused glass jewellery and sculpture. Glass is layered with precious metals, paint and images. Much time is taken over experimenting with alchemic reactions in the kiln. She responds intuitively to abstract compositions and is strongly influenced by her deep connection with plants (especially herbs and wild plants), the moon and the planets. Her pieces are little worlds, reflecting the inner and outer world. She works from her studio in York

This is the first year that Helen Whitehead has exhibited at York Open Studios

Venue 32

Visitor information

38 Chestnut Avenue,


York, YO31 1BR

Unrestricted parking on Chestnut Avenue and adjoining streets. 

Two small lips to front door, otherwise all on one level

07532 369715

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