Jam Grantham 26

Illustrations inspired by day to day narratives, often brought to life by whimsical characters and unusual pairings which depict contrasts in scale, personalities and other humorous aspects.

Public Preview Evening 5th April

Exhibiting in 2019

Medium: Illustration

Meet the artist & maker

Jam Grantham takes inspiration from books and day to day life to create his characters. Focusing on unusual pairings, he enjoys demonstrating contrasts in scale, personalities, and other whimsical characteristics which highlight the differences between the relationship of the two.
Jam starts his work using pencil sketches, then colours them digitally, bringing the characters to life. He often experiments with texture and tone to create a balance between the form and function of the image.

This is the first year that Jam Grantham has exhibited at York Open Studios


Venue 26

Visitor information

39 Walpole Street,

York, YO31 8NN

Free on street parking for 10 minutes.

There is a small step up into the property, and a narrow hallway. The exhibition is downstairs, but the studio is located upstairs.

07817 699994

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