Jane Atkin 100

Jewellery and sculpture, working in silver and gold Jane produces wearable unisex sculptures, inspired by brutalist architecture and good design. 

Public preview Friday 14th April 6-9pm

Exhibiting in 2023

Medium: Jewellery

Meet the artist & maker

Jane Atkin is a jeweller and sculptor, some pieces are sculpture where a piece of jewellery has been incorporated, as a self taught jeweller comes the freedom to experiment. Each piece is unique and her designs often bold, influenced by good modern design and brutalism . Jane hand carves wax using the direct carving method which dictates the final form, this allows her to be the sculptor, then having them cast using the lost wax process. 


Venue 100

Visitor information

22 Swinerton Avenue,


YO26 4YT

Walk along the river on the railway side from Scarborough bridge towards Salisbury Terrace . Drive in from Leeman Road,or from Clifton Bridge. 

There are steps within the venue

Assistance dogs are welcome


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