Jane Atkin 67

Jane’s designs are quite sculptural in form: clean lines and functional pieces in silver and occasionally gold is incorporated. Some of her designs are unisex.

Open second weekend only. 

Exhibiting in 2019

Medium: Jewellery

Meet the artist & maker

Jane’s work uses cut and uncut semiprecious stones and jet used in minimalist and dramatic ways. Through growing up around modern design and architecture, these influences filter through into Jane's work. The uncut stones and the jet used represent the wild Yorkshire coast. Sometimes the jet is not worked too much as the designer prefers to use it in its found state.


Venue 67

Visitor information

55 Curzon Terrace,

York, YO23 1EZ

Ample free parking on the street. 

There’s one very small step into the venue, the door opening is quite narrow and perhaps too narrow for a wheelchair. 

07760 668476

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