Jane Duke 2

Printmaker working in a range of relief and intaglio methods, producing both delicately shaded and vibrantly coloured original prints. Also handprinted homeware items and textiles.

Exhibiting in 2021

Medium: Printmaking

Meet the artist & maker

Originally a watercolourist and portrait painter, Jane began to move into printmaking around ten years ago, bringing a painterly approach and understanding of tone and colour to this discipline. While she uses a variety of techniques including collagraph, woodcut, linocut and drypoint, Jane’s current work is particularly concerned with exploring the subtle shading, blending and overlapping translucent layers that can be achieved through an unconventional approach to relief printmaking.


Venue 2

Visitor information

25a Windmill Lane,


YO10 3LG

Ground floor studio, but steep step and narrow doorway make it unsuitable for wheelchairs.

07710 460103

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