Katrina Mansfield 19

Inspired by the natural world Katrina takes shapes, patterns and colours from flowers, water, animals, earth and sky and cultivates them so they are unavoidably captivating.

Public Preview Evening 5th April

Exhibiting in 2019

Medium: Painting

Meet the artist & maker

Katrina Mansfield is an artist living and working in York who trained in Fine & Scenic Art at various institutions across the UK including York, Leeds and London. She predominantly uses ink and acrylic paint in her practice and often retreats to the calm reality of mindfulness to help create nature/animal inspired pieces.
Katrina is deeply influenced by the Fluid Art movement, Abstract Expressionism, Nature and Human Psychology, which are decidedly apparent in her recent works.

This is the first year that Katrina Mansfield has exhibited at York Open Studios


Venue 19

Visitor information

PICA Studios

7a Grape Lane,

York, Y01 7HU

Enter venue through green door at Quack’s Printers.

There is no wheelchair access. There are steps.

07590 913679

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