Laetitia Newcombe 55

Unfortunately Laetitia will not be taking part in York Open Studios this year, but Marc Godfrey-Murphy will still be exhibiting at venue 55


Laetitia's pieces are hand-built, using coils and slabs that she alters, sculpts and refines intuitively. Surface layers are added using coloured slips, oxides and underglazes, which are sanded and scratched through.

Exhibiting in 2023

Medium: Sculptural Ceramics

Meet the artist & maker

Laetitia was born in Alberton, South Africa in 1974, relocating to York in 1999. These contrasting societies and landscapes impact and influence her work. Throughout her life, Laetitia has always been fascinated by colour, form, and pattern. From the rich African textiles of her youth to the landscapes of the African bushveld and now in her native Yorkshire, these panoramas have come together and are reflected in her ceramic sculptures.

Venue 55

Visitor information

Laetitia has withdrawn from event due to unforseen circumstances, but Marc Godfrey-Murphy will still be showing at this venue.

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