Lu Mason 19

Lu makes mobiles and shapes boxes out of cut paper and perspex. She is interested in layering shapes and colours forming new patterns, and allowing new shapes to emerge from the spaces in between. She also makes jewellery out of perspex.

Public Preview Evening 5th April

Exhibiting in 2019

Medium: Sculpture

Meet the artist & maker

Lu has been making paper installations for commissions for people's homes, public spaces and shop windows for the past 10 years. 5 years ago she started experimenting with transparent perspex, enjoying the way that light passes through the shapes reflecting colours and shapes similar to stained glass.

Venue 19

Visitor information

PICA Studios

7a Grape Lane,

York, Y01 7HU

Enter venue through green door at Quack’s Printers.

There is no wheelchair access. There are steps.

01904 790494

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