Mim Robson 21

Working primarily in ephemeral land/nature art, and textiles. Ranging from delicate, vibrant flower mandalas, to huge scale beach artworks, photographed at their peak before they fade or wash away.

Demonstrations available

Public Preview Evening 5th April

Please Note: This venue will be closing at 4pm

Exhibiting in 2019

Medium: Photography

Meet the artist & maker

Mim Robson is a multi-disciplinary artist working primarily with materials from nature, and/or within the natural environment. Making ephemeral artworks which naturally fade or wash away, her work plays with ideas of capturing and letting go. The work she creates is captured at its peak through photography, and she is now expanding further into media, with the creation of video and stop-motion photography. Also a craftsperson, Mim is beginning new work in textile art. 


Venue 21

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Holy Trinity Church,


York, YO1 7LF

Church is set back from the road, go through iron gates opposite Tesco on Goodramgate. Also accessible via Hornpot Lane.

Wheelchair access is via Hornpot Lane, Low Petergate next to Poundland. Ramp into church, but steps to some areas inside

07414 264935

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