Philip Wilkinson 64

A series of works that upcycle scrap into whimsical, hand powered artworks (aka automata). Common themes are humour, environment and engineering. Each handcrafted model draws unique character from available materials.

Exhibiting in 2022

Medium: Sculpture

Meet the artist & maker

Philip has been a design-maker of bespoke works and hands-on museum exhibits for 25 years.

Employment stints, at the legendary Eden Project in Cornwall and magical Centre for Alternative Technology in Wales stoked his interest in working with reclaimed materials.

In 2019 he built Quick Sticks Workshop. His goal, to impart “the joy of making stuff”, through handmade automata, educational kits and practical sessions. He does this alongside helping teach Design in a local school.

This is the first year that Philip Wilkinson has exhibited at York Open Studios

Venue 64

Visitor information

241 Burton Stone Lane,


YO30 6EX

Arrive via driveway, which is round the corner on Crichton Avenue. 

Wheelchairs can get right next to, but not inside the studio, due to a step and also limited space inside.

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