Ruth Claydon 99

Under the label Moth and Magpie, Ruth creates one off pieces from gifted, preloved, heirloom and ancient finds, which also make their way into her peaceful, experimental paintings and collages.

Exhibiting in 2023

Medium: Jewellery

Meet the artist & maker

Fine Art graduate Ruth mixes materials from the past, creating muted and rustic jewellery that looks like it has just been dug up. 

This same wabi-sabi style inspires her art. Large mixed media paintings rub shoulders with tiny collages of found materials, mainly inspired by her passion - mudlarking in rivers. 

Landscapes feature her finds as painting and collecting collide. Her home is her studio, where her intriguing aesthetic runs riot.

Venue 99

Visitor information

38 Kingsland Terrace,

York, YO26 4XL

Bicycles may be parked in the yard.

Assistance dogs are welcome

07882 509493

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