Viraltile traces its antecedents to Protest art, art interventions, and interactive art practices. It does not hang in a gallery. Viral tiles are left in the public domain, to be discovered. The ceramic tiles are recast from social media memes, tweets and posts. On the back of each tile is a QR code, which links to VT’s social media. Find them take a selfie, with the found tile, tweet or post #viraltile #resist

Exhibiting in 2018

Medium: Multi Media

Meet the artist & maker

This current body of work sees the artist, re-engage with her early performance and interactive art practice. It comes as a response to the feelings of despair and powerlessness expressed by many sources on social media, over the continuing programme of austerity cuts, and the utter craziness of world political leaders. Igniting the artist’s desire to act, to ‘do something’ and encourage others to become involved, get active, #resist #viraltile

Venue 31

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4a Shipton Street,
York, YO30 7AU

On street parking no restrictions 

Accessibility: Small step to studio

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