Artists on the fringe

It’s lovely to head to the centre of York, visit some artists, have lunch in a cafe and take in our wonderful history and architecture. If you don’t venture further afield though you’d be missing out on some wonderful artists!

East of York

If you’re out-and-about in the Stamford Bridge area (or coming from that direction), you might want to visit Bernadette Oliver at venue 100. Bernadette paints bright and spacious semi abstract landscapes/seascapes. She works mainly in acrylic but uses collage and watercolour too. As well as her larger work she also creates smaller abstract pieces and original prints.


South of York

If you’re coming from the south of York, you’ll find Helen Drye, Carrie Lyall and Danny Knight in Ricall at venue 13.

Helen is a Silver Jewellery Designer and Maker. Her silver jewellery collection is inspired by nearby Skipwith Common National Nature Reserve and she’ll be doing demonstrations on Sunday’s at 11am.

Carrie’s linocut prints are inspired by the natural world. She uses botanical themes, creating delicate silhouettes and patterns in contrasting colours using pigment rich oil based inks. Carrie will be doing demonstrations of her processes at 11am and 3pm each day.

Danny’s new work focuses on old York / New York – A series of still images documenting the mundane events of the people who walk the streets of these two famous cities, while contrasting their similarities/differences in social context.

South-west of York

If you’re south-west of York, Andrian Melka can be found at venue 18 in Bolton Percy. Andrian’s sculptures ranges from realistic figures and portraits, to abstraction based on the human form. He works in bronze, marble and stone and will be happy to demonstrate his techniques.

West of York

If you’re coming from the west of York, Isabel Denyer’s ceramic studio is in Wighill. Isabel loves to know that her stoneware and porcelain pottery will be used on an every day basis, and for all occasions and celebrations. Isabel will be doing demonstrations from 11.30am – 1pm every day. Note, Isabel will only be open on the first weekend only.

North of York

If you’re travelling from the north of York, you’ll find Amy Butcher and Carol Coleman in Wiggington at venue 87.

Amy makes applique based hand embroidery. A collage of intricately cut fabric shapes create a foundation, which is then stitched and embellished into to create illustrative pieces inspired by nature and animals.

Carol uses dissolving fabric and a wide range of found, manipulated, painted or dyed ingredients with any creative technique she can master to produce wall hung, 3D and wearable art. Carol will be doing free-machine embroidery demonstrations each day at 11am.

If you’d like to visit Amy and Carol, they’ll be open for a public preview Friday 9th July