Welcome to our new artists!

We're pleased to welcome lots of new artists to York Open Studios this year - click 'Artists and Makers' above to search by venue number, name and medium to see who's showing, what they do and where you will be able to find them during our open weekends.


Artists & Makers

Sarah Raphael-Balme Sarah's work has been published by BBC, IPC, Conde Naste, Heineman. Galleries- Elizabeth Street NYC, AG Gallery, A K Bellinger, Partisan, Josie Eastwood , Zillah Bell, Fieldwork, Lotte Inch, Northern...

How can I help?

York Open Studios needs you! The cancellation of this year's event due to coronavirus left a big hole in our budget. Click 'How can I help?' above to find out how you can help us come back stronger than ever for our 20th anniversary in 2021

Plan your visit using our interactive maps

When you're at home If you click on the 'map' tab on our website you will be able to see all our current artists on a map of York. Zoom in, move around - you can easily use it to work out a trail that takes in all the artists you rea...