Covid-19 and York Open Studios

York Open Studios is committed to keeping both our artists and visitors safe, here’s what to expect at our artist’s venues.

Number of visitors

Our artists will be keeping an eye on the numbers of visitors, and may be displaying signs to let you know if you are fine to enter or if you might need to wait a short while.

Face coverings

Our artists will all be wearing face coverings during the event and we ask that our visitors do too at all times when inside the venue.

Hand Sanitiser

Sanitiser will be available for you to use when you enter, and also at various points around the venue if necessary.

Social distancing

To aid social distancing, our artists may have a one-way system in place which will be clearly marked with signage. They may also have a separate entrance and exit.

If you have any questions about Covid safety, or anything else about the venue, please get in touch with the artist directly or contact us