Chris Kendall Photography

This year we decided to get some professional photo’s done of the event… I mean, we always have plenty of images sent through social media, but they are usually taken by the artists of their venue when its quiet or before they open for the day. We never have photos showing the artists engaging with the public, or the public engaging with the art and rarely we will receive an image of the public in the venues because the artists are busy talking to them about their artwork!

So knowing Chris and through following his career in photography, we decided to ask him if he would be up for ‘shooting some art’ luckily for us he was! And so the planning began… now everyone knows that it is impossible to visit all the artist venues, unless you have a time machine (if you do, let me know where you get one of those!), so we selected a few venues for both Saturdays that Chris could visit to take some pics of the artists and public in action. He didn’t disappoint, in fact we think he did a marvellous job! You can check out the albums on the Facebooks or for the full albums go to flickr.

Apart from ‘shooting some art’ for us, he also takes pics of lots of other subjects too, his images are a real treat and my fave’s include his surfing shots and photos of Sri Lanka, you should defo visit his website!

Thanks Chris… you’re the man! 🙂