How to plan your visit using our interactive maps

When you’re at home

If you click on the ‘map‘ tab on our website you will be able to see all our current artists on a map of York. Zoom in, move around – you can easily use it to work out a trail that takes in all the artists you really want to see (and discover some new ones you weren’t expecting in the spaces in-between!)¬†You can click on any of the venue numbers to see who is exhibiting, you can click their name to go straight to their page on our website to see more information, including images, address and contact details.


When you’re out-and-about

Did you know our maps are also interactive? If you’re on mobile, click the ‘map‘ tab on our website and you get the same view as desktop plus it shows you where you are too! You can very easily find your nearest artist, and even build your trail as you go.